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Welcome to The Ticketing Institute

Launched in 2010, the Ticketing Institute is here to help you take up the new opportunites for ticketing, marketing and CRM, digital marketing and social media integration, here to help you to work smarter, and here to help you drive more audience development = more people, new people, attending more, enjoying the arts more, more often. We are helping more and more organisations with their ticketing system tender processes, including local authorities. The Functionality Builder now has over 630 criteria in 23 categories created by user organisations across Europe, the US and Canada.

The Ticketing Institute is Roger Tomlinson's website as a resource for the cultural sector, so people working in arts and entertainment organisations, museums and galleries, can share experience and knowledge around customer facing practices and technologies, to drive audience development and more effective marketing.

Sharing encompasses marketing, ticketing, customer relationship management (CRM), memberships, loyalty schemes, websites, on-line sales and e-commerce, e-marketing, Facebook integration and social media networking. Working with the right tools (at the right cost) has never been more important.

Look inside for details on selecting and procuring systems and digital technologies as well as advice on how to get the most out of them. Since this is intended to be a professional community, we ask you to sign in for in-depth access, and we'll notify you of content updates on a regular basis. Since we believe in Data Protection, your data will not be shared with anyone.

The Ticketing Institute includes a powerful application: the Functionality Builder, created to share the benefit of detailed "functionality specifications" for users wanting to procure new systems. This is behind a paywall since it is part of the Roger Tomlinson Limited service.

Latest News

TopTix takes the lead

TopTix UK have announced that as of Monday 1 September 2014 they are in sole charge of marketing, selling, installing and supporting their SRO ticketing, marketing, and CRM solution in the UK.

 Another way of writing that announcement, would be to report that Blackbaud Europe and TopTix have mutually agreed to end their reseller agreement.  Until a few years ago, this had given Blackbaud exclusive responsibility for sales and support of the TopTix software in the UK to the arts and entertainment sector.  Blackbaud had badged SRO as The Patron Edge and achieved considerable market penetration in the UK, interfacing the ticketing system with other Blackbaud software solutions such as their Raisers Edge.

 Now TopTix UK have expanded their UK team, appointing Rachael Easton as Head of Marketing and Sales, Rob Fleming as Operations Director, and Jez Pipkin as Technical Director, leading a staff team of 20.  The company has one of the market leading software solutions for ticketing marketing and CRM in the form of SRO Version 4 which they have been rolling out to new customers, while also upgrading most of the current Blackbaud customers, taking the user base to over 70 in the UK. 

 Managing Director Karl Vosper says “We are at an exciting point in the development of Toptix UK and SRO.  We are continuing to expand the team to include sales and marketing functions. Being able to promote and sell our own powerful SROv4 system, in addition to delivering all Helpdesk and technical support, will make sure we provide the best service for all our clients.”

 To find out more:

Rachael Easton - Sales and Marketing Manager, Toptix UK Ltd

Email:           Telephone: +44 7854 688595


Featured Opinion

Why do venues change ticketing systems?

All too often their reasons for venues leaving their current one are sometimes unclear or without clear reasoning. There are many factors which start venues looking, but I thought it would be of use to look at the 3 keys areas I think they fall into. Cost, Functionality and Service.


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